1984 VOCABULARY from Part I

1.) Alterable (adj.)-changeable; Our clothing is alterable because we can change the way it fits or dye it a different color.
2.) Archaic (adj.)-old or outdated; Rotary phones and cassette players are so archaic since we don't use them anymore.
3.) Camaraderie (noun)-a spirit of good friendship and loyalty among members of a group; A high level of camaraderie among the athletes on and off the field not only makes it fun to play sports, but is likely to make your team win.
4.) Commemorate (verb)-to remember in a ceremony; keep a memory alive; This sculpture commemorates the victims of the concentration camps.
5.) Conspicuous (adj.)-obvious; prominent; attention-getting; If you are doing something wrong, it's wise not to be conspicuous about it!
6.) Credible (adj.)-believable and trustworthy; A pathological liar, for example, might not be the most credible witness for your case against the bank robber.
7.)Debase (verb)-corrupt; lower the value; If your lemonade stand sells “pure lemonade,” you’d insist on using real lemons instead of a mix; using a mix would debase your product.
8.) Dissemble (verb)-to disguise, pretend or feign; My boyfriend was dissembling the whole time; he was actually a married father of two.
9.) Indoctrinate (verb)-to teach a specific set of beliefs (or a doctrine), rather than being able to think independently or know right from wrong; to brainwash; Cults, political groups, and even fans of particular sports teams are often said to indoctrinate their followers.
10.) Lucid (adj.)-clear; understandable; capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner; Since the man was so drunk, he was not lucid when he was speaking to the officer.
11.) Palpable (adj.)-capable of being touched or felt; Palpable is usually reserved for situations in which something invisible becomes so intense that it feels as though it has substance or weight. When the World Trade Towers came down, the sense of sadness was so great, it felt palpable.
12.) Predicament (noun)-a difficult, confusing, and unpleasant situation; If you're engaged to get married, but suddenly fall in love with someone else, you have gotten yourself in quite a predicament.
13.) Predominate (verb)-outweigh in size or importance; prevail; Of all the social networks, Facebook predominates as the biggest and most influential.
14.) Proliferate (verb)-grow rapidly; Pizza proliferate in this area, so all of the teenagers flock there.
15.) Rectify (verb)-make right or correct; Winston had to rectify the news so Big Brother would be satisfied.
16.) Scrutinize (verb)-examine closely and carefully; If you want to examine something closely and go over every single detail, then you should scrutinize it. For example, when you were a kid, your mom probably scrutinized your outfit before you leave the house for school.
17.) Subordinate (adj.)-lower in rank or importance; inferior; In the army, a private is subordinate to an officer, whether that officer is his direct commander or not.
18.) Stagnant (adj.)-not growing, not moving or not changing; Not that this happens to everyone, but sitting in front of a TV playing video games without moving more than the fingers can make a person stagnant, sometimes with an accompanying odor.
19.) Tedious (adj.)-boring or lacking interest; If you're anxious to get outside and enjoy the sun, even the best class will seem tedious.
20.) Venerate (verb)-respect or revere as a holy person; Mother Teresa was venerated for her work with the poor, and Gandhi was venerated for his efforts for peace, but most people aren't venerated for normal stuff, like being someone's sweetie.