Vocabulary List: PSAT/SAT Vocabulary

1. Acquiesce (verb)-to give in; agree. Cheryl had decided to acquiesce to Josh's request for a date, even though she wasn't happy about it.
2. Ambiguous (adj.)-unclear; undecided; vague. Since the test question was ambiguous, the teacher gave everyone credit.
3. Apathy (noun)-a lack of emotion or interest. In American presidential elections, American citizens tend to have apathy and don't vote because they claim that they don't care.
4. Autonomy (noun)-self-rule; independence. Teenagers don't usually have autonomy because they still live in their parents' homes under their parents' rules.
5. Candor (noun)-honesty; frankness. Reality TV shows claim to have complete candor, but everyone knows that the shows are fake.
6. Capricious (adj.)-changeable; whimsical. Teenagers tend to be capricious in relationships and change their minds about who they want to date quite frequently.
7. Disdain (noun)-hatred; contempt. The unruly dog had great disdain for its owner, and the owner had multiple dog bites as a result.
8. Enigma (noun)-a mystery; something to hard to explain. The concept of life after death remains an enigma; no one is clear about whether it's possible.
9. Extol (verb)-to praise; to revere. Lori extolled her teacher so much that she gave her a big box of chocolates for Christmas.
10. Indifferent (adj.)-having no preference or concern; apathetic; not caring. Unfortunately, too many students today are indifferent about getting good grades; they often only care about passing, not excelling.
11. Innocuous (adj.)-harmless; insignificant. Even though the moldy bread is innocuous, I didn't want to eat it.
12. Innovate (verb)-to make changes for the better; to modernize. It's important to innovate in technology, especially since people like to get upgrades.
13. Respite (noun)-a break; a rest. Vacations are great respites from the monotonous routine, and so many of us look forward to them.
14. Reticent (adj.)-restrained; uncommunicative; shy; taciturn. Mike was so reticent that it was hard to get him involved in a conversation.
15. Revere (verb)-to praise; to extol. Young people show that they revere their elders by getting up, out of their seats, on the train/bus.
16. Servile (adj.)-servant-like; submissive. The waiter acted in a servile manner to his customers, and attended to their every need.
17. Surreptitious (adj.)-secretive; sneaky. The burglar was very surreptitious in the mansion, wearing dark clothing and creeping around without making a noise.
18. Taciturn (adj.)-quiet; uncommunicative; reticent. It's important to be taciturn during the SAT exam; you don't want to say anything and have anyone think you're cheating.
19. Tentative (adj.)-not final; uncertain. I am very tentative about who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election; both candidates have their good points.
20. Zeal (noun)-enthusiasm; eagerness. The school's athletes have extraordinary zeal for Blackhawk pride; this is evident when they wear their Blackhawk apparel everywhere they go.