Academic Vocabulary for 9th Grade English

1. Accurate (adjective): conforming exactly to fact; errorless; precise
2. Compare (verb): find or measure similarity between things
3. Consider (verb): to think about (something or someone) carefully, especially in order to make a choice or decision
4.) Emphasize (verb): highlight or stress
5.) Identify (verb): recognize, associate, treat as the same or determine belonging
6.) Issue (noun): an important topic to discuss; an edition of a newspaper or magazine; a point in question; a matter that is in dispute; a problem
7.) Perspective (noun): a point of view
8.) Respond: (verb): to say something in reply
9.) Significance (noun): the quality of being worthy of attention; importance
10.) Argue (verb): give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea; persuade someone
11.) Contrast (verb): find difference or unlike qualities
12.) Predict (verb): anticipate or say something will happen in the future
13.) Define (verb): explain the meaning; interpret or describe
14.) Describe (verb): give a written or spoken report
15.) Opinion (noun): a view or judgment formed about something or someone
16.) Analyze (verb): examine in detail; study for explanation and interpretation
17.) Explain (verb): describe in detail or reveal relevant facts/ideas
18.) Relevant (adjective): closely connected or appropriate
19.) Valid (adjective): accurate, reasonable or factual
20.) Persuade (verb): to convince someone to do something through reasoning or argument
21.) Evident (adjective): obvious; clearly seen or understood
22.) Introduce (verb): to make someone known by name; to bring into use or operation for the first time
23.) Inclusive (adjective): covering all items, costs or services; containing
24.) Elaborate (verb): to develop or present a topic in detail; explain in depth
25.) Justify (verb): to prove or show something is right or reasonable
26.) Select (verb): to carefully choose as being the best or most suitable
27.) Require verb): to need for a particular purpose
28.) Revise (verb): to alter or change something due to further evidence
29.) Conclusive (adjective): definitive; undeniable; indisputable
30.) Review (noun): evaluation or analysis
31.) Expertise (noun): skillfulness; mastery; aptitude
32.) Assume (verb): conclude; surmise
33.) Conviction (noun): a firmly held belief or opinion
34.) Demonstrate (verb): prove or display
35.) Objective (adjective): unbiased, unprejudiced; (noun) goal or purpose