Academic Vocabulary for 11th grade

1. Occur: (verb) to happen or take place
2. Function: (noun) purpose for which something is designed or exists; a role
3. Process: (noun) a systematic series of actions directed to some end
4. Principle: (noun) a fundamental (basic) truth or concept
5. Role: (noun) function, part or expected behavior pattern
6. Interpret: (verb) provide meaning, explain or understand
7. Strategy: (noun) plan, method or series of maneuvers
8. Acquire: (verb) obtain or buy
9. Participate: (verb) to take part in
10. Maintain: (verb) to keep something in good condition; continue without changing
11. Summation: (noun) process of adding things together
12. Organize: (verb) to put in order; arrange in an orderly manner
13. Clarify: (verb) to make things clear and understandable
14. Critique (verb) to indicate or identify the faults of something or someone
15. Understatement: (noun) an expression of something being smaller, worse or less important than it actually is
16. Primary: (adjective) most important, main, or earliest in time/order
17. Integrate: (verb) to combine or bring together
18. Infer: (verb) conclude or deduce
19. Generalize: (verb) make a broad or widespread statement
20. Eliminate: (verb) completely remove or get rid of
21. Pattern: (noun) model or design
22. Sequence: (noun or verb) a particular order; to arrange in order
23. Expand: (verb) to become larger, inflate, or grow
24. Focus: (noun or verb) center of interest or activity; pay attention to
25. Fundamental: (adjective) basic; central
26. Imply: (verb) to suggest, conclude or infer
27. Implication: (noun) conclusion that's not explicitly stated
28. Factual: (adjective) accurate
29. Influential: (adjective) impacting, guiding, having an effect
30. Adapt: (verb) to adjust, change or modify for a new purpose
31. Conflict: (noun or verb) a serious disagreement or argument; to be incompatible or contradictory
32. Symbol: (noun) person or concept that represents (or stands for) something else
33. Circumstance (noun) condition, occurrence, or factor
34. Diverse: (adjective) various or different
35. Oppose: (verb) to disapprove; attempt to prevent