"Advice to Youth" (Mark Twain) VOCABULARY

1. Anesthesia (noun): insensitivity to pain, especially through medical intervention

2. Beseechingly (adverb): ask urgently; beg with urgency

3. Didactic (adjective): instructive; educational, usually in a condescending way

4. Diligence (noun): hard work or effort

5. Elegance (noun): the quality of being graceful and stylish

6. Eminence (noun): fame; elevated standing in a profession; prestige

7. Inestimable (adjective): too great to measure

8. Meddle (verb): interfere or intervene

9. Precepts (noun): rules intended to regulate behavior; principles

10. Satire (noun): use of humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to criticize people

11.Slander (noun): false and damaging statements about someone's reputation

12. Tedious (adjective): tiresome; boring; monotonous

13. Temperate (adjective): moderate; restrained