AP Free-Response Exemplary Essay Outline (see 2002 AP essay):

1.) Introduction (3-4 sentences): Hook (optional), introduce title of book and author, and address the essay prompt (make sure to address how the character(s) develops throughout the novel)

2.) Body Paragraphs (3-6 body paragraphs; if you write 3 body paragraphs, then each body paragraph should be 10-12 sentences (4-6 pieces of paraphrased evidence in longer body paragraphs); if you write 5 or 6 body paragraphs, then you write 4-6 sentences (2-3 pieces of paraphrased evidence per small body paragraph) for each body paragraph) You must include the following in each body paragraph: a topic sentence that connects to the essay prompt, paraphrased evidence to support the essay prompt (no quotes, since you aren't supposed to have or use the book for this essay) and analysis (explanation of the evidence), Suggested topic sentence starters: "Throughout the novel...," "This is evident throughout the novel...," "By the end of the novel...," "The reader develops...over the course of the novel." Always address how the essay prompt is addressed throughout the novel as a whole. Your body paragraphs should address the novel, from beginning to end. Include sophisticated vocabulary. Refer to words (and synonyms) taken from the essay prompt throughout the body paragraphs. Refer to how characters influence other characters throughout the novel and how their influence connects to the essay prompt. Characterize the characters you reference (focus on their personality traits, actions, thoughts, feelings, speech, and other people's points of view). Focus on transformations throughout the novel. You may include literary devices in your body paragraphs (but it's not required), such as metaphor, irony, symbolism, etc.

3.) Conclusion (3-4 sentences): Summarize the ideas presented throughout the essay. Highlight the transformation/development/evolution of character(s) throughout the novel and how that transformation/development/evolution addresses your thesis/answer to the essay prompt.