Discussion Questions on A View From the Bridge

Directions: Answer each question below in complete sentences AND cite textual evidence. Include a quote and page number. For example: Rodolpho said, "Beatrice went to buy presents for her mother" (p. 62).

1. How is the American Dream depicted (portrayed) in the play?
2. What life lessons are taught in this play?
3. What are your impressions about two of the following characters: Eddie, Beatrice, Catherine, Rodolpho?
4. Are these characters relatable to you, your friends or family? Explain.
5. What is Arthur Miller's (the playwright) message about masculinity and femininity?
6. How is immigration portrayed in the play?
7. Which central idea (love, family, honor or justice and the law) resonated with you the most and why?
8. Why do you believe this play is titled A View From the Bridge?
9. What's your favorite scene and why?
10. What do you predict will happen to the remaining characters after the play?