"The Gettysburg Address" Vocabulary

1.) Emancipate (verb)=free from slavery
2.) Orator (noun)=an effective public speaker
3.) Staggering (adjective)=shocking; surprising
4.) Conceive (verb)=form or create
5.) Proposition (noun)=a statement expressing a judgment, opinion or plan of action
6.) Engage (verb)=to attract or interest
7.) Address (noun)=a formal speech delivered to an audience
8.) Endure (verb)=suffer or remain in existence
9.) Fitting (adjective)=appropriate or suitable
10.) Consecrate (verb)=make or declare sacred
11.) Hallow (verb)=honor as holy
12.) Detract (verb)=reduce or take away the value
13.) Resolve (verb)=find a solution
14.) Vain (adjective)=producing no result; worthless
15.) Perish (verb)=to die or disappear
16.) Repetition (noun)=the act of restating something that has already been said or written
17.) Parallelism (noun)=use of repeating words or phrases to create a pattern
18.) Rhetoric (noun)=language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience (though it may appear insincere and lacking importance)
19.) Infer (verb)=to conclude or interpret based on evidence
20.) Theme (noun)=author's message or central idea