Act I

1. Avouch (verb)-to support, affirm or cite as authority

2. Martial (adjective)-related to or suited for war

3. Portentous (adjective)-foreshadowing, predicting the future, or ominous

4. Harbinger (noun)-something that foreshadows what is to come; an omen or a sign

5. Dirge (noun)-a song of grief; a mournful piece of music (a song appropriate for a funeral)

6. Impious (adjective)-lacking respect, usually for religion (pious-religious)

7. Jocund (adjective)-joyful, cheerful, having high spirits

8. Circumscribed (verb or adjective)-to surround by a boundary; to encircle or limit

9. Dalliance (noun)-an unimportant or frivolous action; a brief or casual involvement in something

10. Precept (noun)-an instruction or teaching

Act II

1. Perusal (noun)-the act of examining or considering with attention and great detail; scanning

2. Discretion (noun)-ability to make choices

3. Firmament (noun)-the heavens or the arch of the sky

4. Paragon (noun)-a model of excellence or perfection

5. Gratis (adjective)-free, without charge

6. Savory (adjective)-tasty, flavorful

7. Chronicle (noun)-historical account of events or a detailed record or report

8. Cleave (verb)-to split, separate or stick to

9. Malefaction (noun)-evil deed or crime

10. Arras (noun)-a tapestry or a wall hanging

Act III:

1. Visage (noun)-appearance; countenance

2. Consummation (noun)-a completion or an ultimate end

3. Orison (noun)-prayer

4. Paradox (noun)-a contradictory statement; an opinion or statement contrary (opposed) to commonly accepted opinion

5. Calumny (noun)-false accusation or charges

6. Temperance (noun)-moderation or self-control

7. Buffet (noun)-a blow of force or striking with the hand

8. Purge (verb)-to clear of guilt; to free or cleanse

9. Bulwark (noun)-any protection from danger; a strong support or structure for defense

10. Mandate (noun)-an authoritative command or order

Act IV:

1. Importunate (adjective)-persistent; urgent

2. Conjecture (noun)-guessing; the formation or expression of an opinion or theory without sufficient evidence for proof

3. Inter (verb)-to bury; to deposit a dead body in the earth

4. Pestilent (adjective)-disease-causing; deadly; destructive

5. Superfluous (adjective)-extra; unnecessary; exceeding what is sufficient

6. Impetuous (adjective)-impulsive; reckless

7. Incense (verb)-to anger; to infuriate

8. Mortal (adjective)-subject to death; deadly

9. Obscure (adjective)-not discovered or known; hidden; concealed

10. Requite (verb)-to return; to repay

Act V:

1. Cudgel (verb)-to beat or strike with a heavy stick; to club

2. Pate (noun)-the human head, especially the top of the head

3. Abhor (verb)-to hate; to despise

4. Prate (verb)-to babble on and on; to chatter

5. Amity (noun)-friendship; peaceful relations

6. Diligence (noun)-hard work; steady effort

7. Dearth (noun)-a scarce supply; a lacking

8. Germane (adjective)-relevant; pertinent; appropriate

9. Potent (adjective)-powerful; effective

10. Felicity (noun)-great happiness; bliss