Vocabulary List #2: "The Masque of the Red Death" Vocabulary

1. allegory (noun)-a symbolic narrative; a story in which the characters or events represent a deep moral or spiritual meaning. Animal Farm and The Masque of the Red Death are both considered allegories due to their symbolic characters and events.
2. blasphemous (adj.)-profane; disrespectful, as in religion; irreverent. It was considered blasphemous to not attend church during Shakespeare's lifetime.
3. cessation (noun)-stop; ending. The cessation of the snowstorm was a relief after a whole week of non-stop snow.
4. dauntless (adj.)-fearless; courageous. The dauntless heroes were inclined to rush to danger, not away from it.
5. disapprobation (noun)-disapproval or dislike. There was widespread disapprobation of their inter-racial marriage in that narrow-minded community.
6. impede (verb)-to prevent, interfere with or obstruct. The new body searches at the airports are impeding quick entry onto the airplanes.
7. impetuous (adj.)-impulsive; having great force. His impetuous decision didn't show any careful thought or concern.
8. pestilence (noun)-contagious or infectious epidemic disease. The pestilence eradicated thousands of people throughout the state.
9. propriety (noun)-proper behavior; decorum. When attending a wedding, there are certain proprieties that must be observed.
10. prostrate (adj.)- stretched out with face on the ground in adoration or submission; lying flat. At the crime scene, the police found the victim in a prostrate position.
11. reverie (noun)-daydreaming. I was lost in reverie and didn't realize my flight was boarding until it was too late.
12. robust (adj.)-showing strength or good health. The robust man worked out daily and ate vitamins as part of his health regimen.
13. sagacious (adj.)-wise; insightful. The girl was praised for her sagacious judge of character which revealed she had wisdom beyond her ten years.
14. sedate (adj.)-quiet and solemn. He remained sedate under pressure, which was the opposite of his easily agitated peers.
15. tangible (adj.)-able to be touched; palpable. Tables and chairs are tangible; emotions are not.
16. tremulous (adj.)-shaken; fearful. Her tremulous hands revealed her overwhelming nervousness during her speech at graduation.
17. untenant (verb)-uninhabit; not residing. The abandoned house was untenanted for so many years that it had appeared to be haunted since no one wanted to live there.
18. visage (noun)-appearance; countenance. Santa Claus is well known for his noticeably happy visage.
19. voluptuous (adj.)-full of delight or pleasure; luxurious; suggesting fullness in shape (usually body shape). Marilyn Monroe was well known for her voluptuous figure; she had many more curves than female celebrities today.
20. wanton (adj.)-undisciplined; mischievous; lustful. Vandals were guilty of the wanton destruction of the school property. Her wanton ways caused her husband to seek a divorce.