Vocabulary List #3: "The Masque of the Red Death" Vocabulary

1. Defiance (noun)-open resistance or disregard. Prince Prospero shows great defiance to the Red Death by locking himself and his 1,000 friends in the castle.
2. Disconcert (verb)-to disturb or frustrate. When no one answered the teacher's question, the teacher was clearly disconcerted by everyone's lack of study.
3. Dissolution (noun)-a termination, disintegration or extinction. After 15 years together, the couple decided a dissolution of their marriage was the best thing to do.
4. Egress (noun)-exit. During a fire drill, it's always important to easily locate the egress so to know what to do when a real emergency arises.
5.Embellish (adj.)-to decorate; to make a story more interesting with added detail. Jocelyn embellished the story of how she met Johnny because the fact that they met in school was boring.
6. Gaudy (adj.)-showy in a tasteless or obnoxious way. The gaudy ring was not attractive to anyone, and it only made her look trashy.
7. Gaunt (adj.)-thin, bony, or emaciated. The anorexic patient looked gaunt and unattractive.
8. Giddy (adj.)-lighthearted or dizzy. The surprise birthday party put Terry in a giddy mood, when before she was depressed about her break-up with Adam.
9. Ingress (noun)-entrance. At the ingress, there was a bouncer to check ID's.
10.Lofty (adj.)-elevated, superior or exalted. His lofty goal of becoming a doctor requires hard work and perseverance.
11. Pervade (verb)-to spread throughout; to permeate. The band's music practice pervaded the hallways and brought music to everyone's ears.
12. Phantasm (noun)-a ghost or an apparition. During Halloween, phantasms appear in all shapes and sizes, though the usual color worn is white.
13. Piquancy(noun)-the quality of being agreeably stimulating or mentally exciting. The hot sauce added some piquancy to the bland meal.
14. Profuse (adj.)-plentiful or abundant. Chris gave a profuse amount of work to Ms. Conn, which helped his grade.
15. Provision (noun)-a supply or stock of something provided. During the hurricane season, residents are told to stock plenty of provisions in case of an emergency.
16. Reveller (noun)-a person engaging in a celebration or a festivity. The revellers partied all night and ignored the plague spreading outside.
17. Scrutiny (noun)-a close look; a guarding or examination. After giving the bill a good scrutiny, I realized that I was charged twice for my meal.
18. Seclusion (noun)-privacy or a separation. Moving to the countryside gave the family greater seclusion than living in the city.
19. Specter (noun)-a ghost, apparition, phantasm or something haunting or disturbing. The specter of Lonnie's unemployment affected his family for many months.
20. Vivid (adj.)-lively, full of life, or animated. A vivid storyteller attracts a large audience, as opposed to a lackluster storyteller.