Vocabulary List #4: "The Masque of the Red Death" Vocabulary

1. Barbaric (adjective)-savagely cruel or primitive. The treatment of the Holocaust concentration camp prisoners was absolutely barbaric.
2. Commence (verb)-to begin. When the judge entered the room, trial commenced.
3. Contagion (noun)-a disease that spreads rapidly. The plague was a contagion that killed thousands of people at a rapid rate.
4. Convulse (verb)-to shake or agitate violently. The comedian, Chris Rock, is so hysterical that he has audience members convulsing with intense, uncontrollable laughter.
5. Countenance (noun)-facial expression. Based on his red-faced countenance, it was clear that he was embarrassed.
6. Decorum (noun)-proper behavior; propriety. When you're invited to someone's home, it is decorum to bring something for your host.
7. Deliberate (adjective)-using careful consideration; slow and steady. It's important to make deliberate decisions when making plans for college.
8. Dominion (noun)-supreme authority. The countries fought for dominion over the territory.
9. Emanate (verb)-to come out from a source; to emit. Good smells emanated from the bakery down the street.
10. Emphatic (adjective)-expressing with special attention or forceful speech. Even though Luis asked out Daniella multiple times, she always gave an emphatic refusal.
11. External (adjective)-having the outward appearance; not essential. Her external beauty covered up her internal ugliness.
12. Fiery (adjective)-very hot or passionate. Scott's fiery opinions on politics caused him to enter into many debates with friends.
13. Furnish (verb)-to supply or provide. When a student is absent from class, it's the teacher's responsibility to furnish him or her with the owed work (unless it can be found at www.msconn.net!).
14. Hue (noun)-color. The fashion expert told Suzette that brighter hues would enhance her skin tone.
15. Monotonous (adjective)-boring, tedious, and unvarying. The teacher's monotonous voice tended to put us to sleep.
16. Multitude (noun)-a great number. To candidates for president are trying to appeal to a great multitude of people.
17. Remote (adjective)-far removed in space, time or relation. The remote cabin in the hills felt like millions of miles away from NYC.
18. Shroud (verb)-to cover or cut off from view. The secret service's work is shrouded in secrecy.
19. Venture (verb)-to take a risk or gamble. Even though he never ice-skated before, Jose decided to venture out on the ice.
20. Writhe (verb)-to twist or turn as if from pain or suffering. His body writhed in pain after falling down the stairs in the subway station.