"The Minister's Black Veil" Vocabulary

1. Amiable (adj.)-friendly; agreeable. She had heard so many horrible rumors about Mike that she was surprised when he was so amiable to her.
2. Antipathy (noun)-A strong feeling of hatred or opposition. Johnny has an antipathy for cockroaches, and he writhes in disgust when he sees one nearby.
3. Ascend (verb)-to go up or move upward. Everyone knows that Oprah ascended from severe poverty to great wealth.
4. Averse (adj.)-distasteful; opposing. The movie received averse reviews, so no one wanted to go and check it out.
5. Comely (adj.)-having a pleasant appearance; attractive. Her comely appearance captured the attention of all the boys in class.
6. Expedient (adj.)-opportune or suitable to one's interest. It's expedient to keep that secretive information to yourself.
7. Hearth (noun)-home, dwelling, or an open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built. All were welcome, friends and strangers alike, to their humble hearth; the door was always open.
8. Impertinent (adj.)-intrusive or rude; unrelated. The student made an impertinent interruption to the class discussion, and the teacher was very annoyed.
9. Inanimate (adj.)-not having human qualities; not lively; lacking energy. Even though the rock was an inanimate object, Gus still spoke to it like his best friend.
10. Indecorous (adj.)-lacking propriety or good taste. The boy told an indecorous joke for a serious moment in the graduation ceremony.
11. Melancholy (noun)-a depression or dreariness. The bleakness of winter sometimes gives me cause for melancholy.
12. Mitigate (verb)-to lessen in intensity; to alleviate. I often take tylenol to mitigate my headaches, and then I feel better.
13. Omniscient (adj.)-all-knowing; having unlimited knowledge. The omniscient narrator knows how all of the characters are feeling at all times.
14. Ostentatious (adj.)-showy; flamboyant. The businessman always likes to display his wealth, and it's evident in his ostentatious, diamond-studded, Rolex watch.
15. Perturb (verb)-to annoy or disturb. The crank caller perturbed Joanne, and, as a result, she was awake for most of the night.
16. Placid (adj.)-calm; peaceful. Sarah is a person with a sunny, placid disposition, and she always appears unperturbed.
17. Prodigy (noun)-something or someone that is extraordinary; a phenomenon. In 1928, penicillin was a drug that was hailed as a great prodigy of the medical world
18. Profane (adj.)-to treat something sacred with abuse, disrespect or contempt. The once-lovely landscape had been profaned by ugly factories.
19. Refrain (verb)-to restrain; to keep from doing something. Since being on a diet, I refrained from having dessert.
20. Sagacious (adj.)-wise; insightful. The older man was sagacious on so many topics that we always sought his advice.