Outline for Central Idea Essay on A View From the Bridge

I. Introduction (4-6 sentences)
   A. Famous Quote (include the author)/Question/Personal Story/Connection to Society (1-2 sentences)
   B. Interpretation and connection to Central Idea (1-3 sentences)
   C. Thesis statement: Introduce the play and author and explain how the central idea is revealed throughout the play (1 sentence). Sentence Starters: 

  • In ____________(play title--underlined or italicized), by ________________(author), the central idea of ___________________ is developed by _____________(character) as he/she ___________________.
  • The central idea of ________________ is revealed in ________________(play title), by ______________(author), when ______________(characters) are_________________________. II, III, and IV. Body Paragraphs (THREE paragraphs; 10-12 sentences for each paragraph) A. Topic Sentence that supports the thesis statement Sentence Starters: To support the central idea of __________________, the author uses _________________(literary element, such as: characterization, conflict, setting, symbolism, or author's tone) to show... The central idea of ___________________ is developed through _____________________(literary element, such as: characterization, conflict, setting, symbolism, or author's tone) when... B. Evidence: Include at least one direct quote from the play in each body paragraph to support your thesis (which focuses on your chosen central idea). Introduce each example, and then present the quote. After the quote, connect to the central idea. Here’s an example: Lourdes' absence in Enrique's life has greatly affected him because it's been so long. "It is two years since Lourdes has left. Enrique is seven" (p. 23). Since the years have passed, Enrique is characterized as a troubled young man since he's on his personal journey to reconnect with his mother. V. Conclusion (4-6 sentences) A. Summary and Final Thoughts (1-3 sentences; summarize the literary elements and main ideas presented throughout your essay; add final reflections) B. Connection back to the Introduction and Thesis Statement (refer back to ideas presented in your introduction; use new words) ***You will be graded on the Central Idea Essay Rubric (page 1): Level 4=90+, Level 3=80-89, Level 2=70-79, and Level 1=60-69.