"Quit of a Country" Exam Review

Review Questions:
1.) What is Anna Quindlen's (the author) claim in "A Quilt of a Country"? Anna Quindlen claims that the U.S. is an idea/concept that __________despite the fact that it ______________. It is unique because the U.S. ________________even though other countries with similar challenges _________________.
2.) In lines 7-8, what does Anna Quindlen mean when she describes America as being "like the crazy quilts that have been one of its great folk-art forms"? She states that America is made up of different pieces that do not ______________ each other, yet are stitched together to make a ________________.
3.) What counterclaim does Quindlen offer in paragraph 3? Her counterclaim is that the U.S. ____________ more than it _________________.
4.) In paragraph 4, Quindlen uses parallelism and repetition. What words does she repeat? What is the effect of this repetition? What is the _________of...? The effect of this repetition is the power of cultural ______________ and the ______________America faces when trying to create a unified country.
5.) What specific words and phrases does Quindlen repeat in the introduction and conclusion? How do these words and phrases support her argument? She repeats the phrases _____________nation and ________________ idea. She supports her argument that America includes ____________people and manages to ___________alongside each other.

Summary Notes:

Paragraph 1: America shouldn't _________because we have____________. America is created like a __________.
Paragraph 2: America has many stories of ______________against ________________, so it's shocking that we can create ___________________.
Paragraph 3: America has conflict between _____________________and ___________________. People segregate themselves based on ___________________.
Paragraph 4: Even though we have conflict based on ___________ and _______________, we stay _______________.
Paragraph 5: Diverse people have united against ________________ during devastating times. Though there's been concern that individuals' race/ethnicity would surpass ___________________.
Paragraph 6: The U.S. is _________________because it embraces _________________ people.
Paragraph 7: Today's immigrants are not so ________________ from the immigrants of the past because all of them worked hard and their kids are successful. The only thing that has changed is their _____________________.
Paragraph 8: During tragic times, like 9/11, people tend to have a sense of national pride, which is called____________________. Even though America was an improbable idea, it has become a __________________.