Vocabulary List #1 for Romeo and Juliet

1.) Bound (adjective): tied down, obligated, or destined to happen; Sentence: Timothy was bound by the terms of the contract he had signed.

2.) Chaste (adjective): abstaining from sexual intercourse; not being sexual in any form; Sentence: Jenny is very religious, so she told her boyfriend they could do nothing more than exchange chaste kisses. 

3.) Discreet (adjective): not attracting attention; careful in what you say or do; Sentence: Hoping to avoid getting caught, the shoplifter tried to be discreet while walking through the store. 

4.) Forfeit (verb): lose or be deprived of something; Sentence: James was told to forfeit all contact with convicted felons if he did not want to violate the terms of his parole. 

5.) Mercurial (adjective): subject to sudden or unpredictable changes in mood; Sentence: Due to Mary taking a new medication, her moods have become quite mercurial and change with the wind. 

6.) Nimble (adjective): quick and light in motion; agile; Sentence: The overweight police officer could not chase after the nimble suspect. 

7.) Obscure (adjective): unclear; not easily understood; unknown; Sentence: No one knows much about Austin, so details of his life remain obscure.

8.) Purge (verb): get rid of an unwanted quality, condition or feeling; Sentence: After he walked in on his parents making out, Kevin vowed that he would do whatever it takes to purge the image from his brain. 

9.) Reverence (noun): deep respect; Sentence: People usually hold an attitude of reverence towards veterans and honor their sacrifice. 

10.) Vain (adjective): having or showing excessive pride in one's appearance or achievements; Sentence: Rebecca is so vain that she is unable to walk past a mirror without stopping to stare at herself.