The following list includes the words that appeared throughout our Romeo and Juliet Unit.  For each word, you will need to write a complex, detailed sentence which makes the meaning of the word clear.  (Stay away from sentences like “He is profane.”)   You will also have a quiz on all words.

1. Alliance (noun)-union or association formed for mutual benefit
2. Chide (verb)-to scold, criticize harshly or reprimand
3. Consent (noun)-permission or agreement
4. Defiance (noun)-resistance or disobedience
5. Discord (noun)-lack of harmony
6. Enmity (noun)-hatred
7. Feign (verb)-to fake or pretend
7. Fickle (adjective)-changing frequently or capricious
8. Haste (noun)-great speed or urgency
9. Lament (verb)-to mourn or express sorrow
10. Mend (verb)-repair or restore
11. Mutiny (noun)-rebellion or revolt
12. Pernicious (adjective)-harmful or damaging
13. Profane (adjective)-unholy, defiled, or impure
14. Prologue (noun)-an introduction to a work of literature or an event that leads to another event
15. Strife (noun)-conflict or bitter disagreement
16. Unrequited (adjective)-unreturned or not reciprocated
17. Valiant (adjective) -brave, courageous, or bold
18. Vengeance (noun)-punishment, payback or revenge
19. Vex (verb)-to annoy or frustrate
20. Virtuous (adjective)-having good morals and principles