List #14 for 11th Grade English (E6)

1. Abhorrent (adjective): Very repugnant; hateful; "It is considered abhorrent to support animal cruelty, which is why many who are cruel to animals are punished by the law."
2. Affluence (noun): great wealth or an abundant supply of riches; "Blue Ivy Carter's affluence is inherited, not earned."
3. Assess (verb): To evaluate or measure; "The federal government assessed the damages by Hurricane Katrina as over a billion dollars."
4. Brevity (noun): Shortness of duration; "The brevity of their date revealed their dislike for each other."
5.Commendable (adjective): Praiseworthy; admirable; "The standing ovation showed President Obama that his vote against the Iraqi war was commendable by a majority of Democrats."
6. Condemn (verb): To express disapproval of; to criticize or denounce; "The principal condemned the girls' inappropriate dress and made them wear the ITHS uniform."
7. Culpable (adjective): Blame-worthy or guilty; "The jury knew the man was culpable for the crime because his DNA evidence was found on the victim."
8. Decipher (verb): To find out the true words or meaning of, as something hardly legible; "The teacher had trouble deciphering her student's handwriting and required that he type instead."
9.Fiery (adjective): Burning or flaming hot; "The fiery stove burned my hand."
10.Fundamental (adjective): Basic or essential; "He couldn't join the varsity basketball team unless he first learned the fundamental techniques of the game."
11. Humane (adjective): Compassionate or charitable; "After tragedies like the earthquake in Haiti and the Darfur genocide, people all over the world showed their humane spirits through their volunteerism and monetary contributions."
12.Hypnotic (adjective): Mesmerizing or spellbinding; "The bride's beauty created a hypnotic gaze by all her onlookers."
13.Infuriate (verb): To enrage or madden; "The girl's temper tantrum infuriated her mother, which led to an incredibly long punishment."
14.Intermingle (verb): To mix together or interact; "Why don't people of different races and ethnicities intermingle very much? This is an issue that has befuddled countless people.
15.Malicious (adjective): Malevolent or hateful; "His malicious words deeply hurt my feelings."
16.Manifest (verb): To reveal or exhibit; "When the couple moved in together, their strange habits manifested themselves."
17.Merciless (adjective): Cruel or unpitying; "The terrorists were merciless in their evil doings."
18.Poignant (adjective): Moving; affecting; "The graduation speech was so poignant that people were still talking about it months afterward."
19.Pretentious (adjective): Conceited or showy; "The celebrity was so pretentious that she demanded a five-carat diamond and would accept nothing less."
20.Realm (noun): Area or territory; "Theaters were considered so vulgar that they were not allowed within the realm of major cities like London."