List #16

1. Apprise (v.): to inform, explain or impart; "Our wonderful college advisor apprises junior and senior students about the college process."
2. Ardent (adj.): passionate, enthusiastic, or fervent; "The teachers have ardent love for teaching the students here at ITHS, as they work hard to create engaging and challenging lessons every day."
3. Assiduous (adj.): working diligently at a task; persevering; "It's necessary to be assiduous in your high school courses in order to pursue a college education at the college of your choice."
4. Conform (v.): to do what's expected; to follow the rules and be conventional; "Most students in American schools conform to American culture and wear blue jeans on a regular basis."
5. Conscript (v.): To force into military service; "The draft of the 1970s conscripted young men to serve in Vietnam whether they preferred to or not."
6. Constitute (v.): to represent or comprise; "ITHS constitutes a mostly respectful and hard-working student body, which is why many teachers enjoy teaching here."
7. Contrive (v.): to arrange, plan or scheme; "Iago contrived to bring down Othello because he chose Cassio to be lieutenant instead of him."
8. Delineate (v.): to describe or portray; Claudius is delineated as an evil character in Hamlet.
9. Desultory (adj.): disconnected; random; "The desultory conversation was so confusing that I had no idea what he is really trying to say."
10. Diligence (n.): constant and earnest effort; hard work; "Being a member of an athletic team requires diligence, dedication and skill to be successful."
11. Embalm (v.): to preserve; mummify; "Mummies are best known for the embalming procedure that was enacted in order to maintain them for the after-life."
12. Eminent (adj.): well-known, famous, reputable; "William Shakespeare is considered one of the most eminent playwrights of all time. "
13. Employ (v.): to use or provide work for; "It is vital that you employ sophisticated language and proper grammar in the writing portion of the SAT in order to earn a high score."
14. Exhort (v.): to urge on strongly; "I exhort all of you to earn your highest grades in your junior year if you want to increase your chances of getting accepted to multiple colleges."
15. Extrinsic (adj.): not essential or inherent; outward or external; "Extrinsic beauty is not as important as intrinsic beauty because outer beauty has very little value when considering the entire individual."
16. Facility (n.): capability or competence; "Colleges expect that entering students have good facility with analyzing difficult texts and writing complex essays, which they hopefully learned high school."
17. Felicity (n.): a state of happiness or well-being; "Christmas time seems to bring out more felicity in everyone; there seems to be a jovial feeling in the air."
18. Furnish (v.): to supply or provide; "Most NYC public school teachers are not furnished with many school supplies, which is why they spend much of their own money on necessary supplies."
19. Haste (n.): swiftness of motion; speed; thoughtless quick action; "It's not a wise decision to use haste in putting together your college applications; you should take great care in this very important process."
20. Innate (adj.): natural, instinctive, or inherent; "Her innate qualities included generosity and compassion; she inherited those traits from her mother."