SAT Vocabulary Lists #1 and #2:

List #1: 

1. Charlatan: (noun) con artist; fraud
2. Corroborate: (verb) support
3. Disseminate: (verb) spread or distribute
4. Diverge: (verb) separate or divide
5. Dormant: (adj) not active
6. Hoist: (adj) raise (physically move up)
7. Illicit: (adj) unlawful
8. Irrevocable: (adj) not reversible
9. Precipitate: (verb) bring on
10. Proliferation: (noun) rapid increase

List #2: 

1. Equivocate: (verb) to be unclear
2. Fortuitous: (adj) fortunate or accidental (in a positive way)
3. Impeccable: (adj) flawless
4. Liaison: (noun) a link; go-between
5. Predisposed: (adj) likely or inclined
6. Propensity: (noun) inclination or tendency
7. Reprehensible: (adj) shameful
8. Sham: (noun) something false
9. Solace: (noun) relief or comfort
10. Solicitous: (adj) attentive or concerned