List 5:

1. Advocate (verb): support, promote
2. Antipathy (noun): strong dislike, hatred
3. Emancipate (verb): free
4. Idiosyncrasy (noun): eccentric habit
5. Imminent (adjective): likely to occur soon
6. Impede (verb): prevent, hinder, slow down
7. Inclusive (adjective): complete, including
8. Jurisdiction (noun): legal control
9. Precarious (adjective): dangerous
10. Preposterous (adjective): ridiculous

List 6:

1. Austere (adjective): very plain, lacking decoration
2. Esoteric (adjective): difficult to understand, only understood by a few
3. Facsimile (noun): an accurate copy
4. Grotesque (adjective): strange-looking, repulsive
5. Mesmerize (verb): fascinate, captivate
6. Metamorphosis (noun): a change in form
7. Notorious (adjective): regarded negatively, infamous
8. Perfunctory (adjective): uninterested, careless
9. Provocative (adjective): attention-getting, aggravating
10. Travesty (noun): disrespectful imitation

List 7:

1. Connoisseur (noun): expert, authority
2. Conspiracy (noun): plot, scheme
3. Contrite (adjective): sorry, regretful
4. Distraught (adjective): upset, agitated
5. Germane (adjective): related, relevant
6. Lucid (adjective): clear, easy to understand
7. Plight (noun): difficult or unfortunate situation
8. Superficially (adverb): on the surface, not deep, slight
9. Symmetrical (adjective): balanced, equal
10. Verbose (adjective): wordy, talkative