List 8:

1. Adept (adjective): skillful
2. Encompass (verb): include
3. Entrepreneur (noun): a business initiator; someone who starts their own business
4.Eradicate (verb): erase; destroy
5.Homogeneous (adjective): the same throughout
6. Presumptuous (adjective): too forward; assuming
7. Sordid (adjective): shameful
8. Standardize (verb): make the same
9. Stint (noun): a period of time 
10. Stringent (adjective): demanding; strict

List 9:

1. Exhort (verb): urge; persuade
2. Flamboyant (adjective): flashy
3. Foible (noun): minor fault
4. Innocuous (adjective): harmless
5. Magnanimous (adjective): forgiving; generous
6. Masochist (noun): someone who enjoys being hurt
7. Meticulous (adjective): very careful
8. Rancor (noun): deep hostility; bitterness
9. Recrimination (noun): accusation in reply
10. Repugnant (adjective): disgusting; repulsive

List 10 (word parts/roots):

1. Anima: life (animated; inanimate)
2. Arch-/-Archy: chief (archenemy; patriarchy)
3. Ben-/Bene-: good (benign; beneficial)
4. -Ee: someone who receives (appointee; employee)
5. -Log/-Logue: speaking (blog; prologue)
6. -Miss/-Mit: send (mission; transmit)
7. Mort: death (mortician; immortality)
8. Poly-: many (polytechnic; polygamy)
9. Tempo: time (temporarily)
10. Ten: keep (detention; tenant)