Seedfolks Vocabulary

Vocabulary is taken from the novel, Seedfolks:

1. Idleness (noun; p. 89)-inactivity; lack of movement or energy
2. Affliction (noun; p. 89)-pain or suffering
3. Astoundingly (adverb; p. 89)-amazingly; stunningly surprising
4. Serendipity (noun; p. 89)-good fortune; luck
5. Camaraderie (noun; p. 91)-trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together
6. Psyche (noun; p. 92)-inner self; the center of thought, feeling and motivation
7. Lure (verb; p. 93)-tempt, attract or persuade
8. Magnetism (noun; p. 94)-attraction or fascination
9. Reminiscence (noun; p. 94)-the process or practice of remembering past experiences
10. Distinctive (adjective; p. 96)-unique or special (as different from someone or something else)
11. Monologue (noun; p. 97)-a long speech by one speaker
12. Aversion (noun; p. 97)-a strong dislike or hatred
13. Proposition (noun; p. 97)-a statement that expresses a judgment, plan of action or opinion
14. Vigilance (noun; p. 99)-careful watch or alert
15. Hostile (adjective; p. 100)-unfriendly, antagonistic, or relating to an enemy
16. Solace (noun; p. 101)-comfort in times of sorrow or misfortune
17. Serenity (noun; p. 101)-state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled
18. Altruism (noun; p. 101)-unselfish concern for others
19. Marvel (noun; p. 102)-a wonder, miracle, or phenomenon
20. Potent (adjective; p. 102)-powerful or influential