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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. --Lao-Tzu (Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism)

I am a full-time English teacher at ITHS.
My Spring 2012 Program


Classwork and Homework: Spring Semester, 2012

  • AP English Assignments
  • Senior English Assignments
  • Junior English Assignments

    Spring Semester--2012 Course Syllabi (Course Descriptions and Grading Policies)

  • AP Senior English Syllabus
  • Senior English Syllabus
  • Junior English Syllabus

    Make the spring semester of 2012 EXTRAORDINARY!

    ‎ "Since most of us spend our lives doing ordinary tasks, the most important thing is to carry them out extraordinarily well." -Henry David Thoreau
    "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." ~Chinese Proverb

    Research and Successful Writing:

  • Sample College Paper (MLA style)
  • Writing a College Paper--guidelines provided by Dartmouth College
  • College Writing: A University of Chicago Writing Resource Center
  • MLA Formatting and Style Guide, sponsored by Purdue University
  • Writing the College Paper (tips from College Board)
  • How To Write an A+ Paper
  • NYC School Libraries Online
  • Literature Online
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus
  • The New York Times [Login: msconn06 Password: power]


  • SAT/College Vocabulary
  • College Application Calendar
  • Common Application for College Admission
  • College Application FAQ
  • The College Search (resources by College Board)
  • Making Senior Year in High School Count
  • Sample College Application Essays


  • AP English Teacher's Website from Nova High School (my alma mater)
  • Web English Teacher Resources for AP English Literature


  • Magic Johnson Scholarship (deadline: first Friday in February)
  • List of a wide variety of college scholarships
  • Hispanic College Fund, which offers a great deal of scholarships.
  • HERE'S A NEW SCHOLARSHIP JUST FOR NYC STUDENTS AND BIG PRIZE $$ (Deadline: Feb. 15): Random House Creative Writing Contest for NYC Seniors!


  • Today's Quote of the Day. Use this site to think deeply about your own life. It's also a great site to help prepare for the Critical Lens Essay (an essay on the ELA Regents).
  • Today's Word of the Day. Be sure to use this site for ROOTS.
  • Misspelled Word of the Week
  • Literary Elements and Techniques (courtesy of Mr. Nellen)
  • Poem a Day
  • Today in Literature
  • On This Day
  • Cyber Library
  • HTML
  • Mr. Nellen's CyberEnglish page


  • English Regents Exam Strategies for Teachers and Students
  • English Regents Exam Prep Center
    *Challenging questions on reading passages will often ask main idea, specific details, author's purpose, author's tone, mood, setting, major events of the plot, inference, narrator's point of view, character traits, use of vocabulary, the cause and effect of events in the reading, and comparison/contrast to other literature.
  • MORE SAT VOCABULARY--a very useful site with countless vocabulary words and ready-made flashcards! *Thank you to Albert Leung for finding this great resource.
  • SAT critical reading questions
  • SAT Tip of the Day
  • Etymology: Origins and History of Words
  • EVEN MORE SAT Vocabulary Words
  • Vocabulary and Hip-Hop

    Reading Skills:

    Seven Habits of Proficient Readers:
    1. Making Connections
    A. Text-to-Self
    B. Text-to-Text
    C. Text-to-World
    2. Visualizing (creating mental images)
    3. Questioning
    4. Determining Importance
    5. Summarizing and Synthesizing
    6. Making Inferences
    7. Monitoring for Meaning


  • Fall 2011 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Spring 2011 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Fall 2010 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Spring 2010 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Fall 2009 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Spring 2009 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Fall 2008 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Spring 2008 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Fall 2007 Semester: Seniors and Juniors
  • Spring 2007 Semester: Seniors and Freshmen
  • Fall 2006 Semester: Seniors
  • 2005-06 School Year: Freshmen and Sophomores

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